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A unique, worldwide service that provides continuous improvement in compliance, auditing, and security in Z/OS environments to comply with cybersecurity regulations, such as the new European Union NIS 2 Directive!

What can you expect from Bsecure DataPASS service?

Bsecure DataPASS service includes over 300 technology controls based on security and auditing best practices, risk assessment, compliance evaluation with international regulations, and generation of dashboards for security managers. It detects authorized excessive access to critical and confidential data, correlates millions of entities of information, and provides early detection of security incidents, such as ransomware and hacking. It does not require licensing of any software product and is compatible with any level of outsourcing in systems, physical machines, and operations.


The service provides a comprehensive audit guide for mainframe security, and its output is sufficient to cover the most demanding regulations.


Additionally, it can help reduce the civil liability of the board of directors.


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