Net`Q Rexx-Memory function package

Net`Q Rexx-Memory function package


The Net`Q Rexx-Memory function package (NRXFMEM) facilitates main storage access for Rexx
applications in a z/OS system. Such main storage access might become necessary when using z/OS sytem or VTAM functions via the NRXFUNCS package, for querying or manipulating control blocks in the main storage.


The NRXFMEM functions provide storage area mapping (similar to defining DSECTs in an assembler program), which makes access to individual fields of main storage easier for a Rexx program. In the Rexx program you use Rexx variables to address fields in memory. These variables have been set up by NRXFMEM with the addresses and lengths of fields according to the field definitions in the specified map. The name which you assign to a field is part of such a variable name. This makes it easy to use: You address the field by its Rexx variable name, rather than having to calculate its address by adding an offset to the base address, having to remember at which offset a field is placed, and having to correct the hard coded offsets of multiple fields whenever you add, remove, relocate a field, or change the length of a

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