Net`Q Rexx-VTAM function package

Net`Q Rexx-VTAM function package


The Net`Q Rexx-VTAM function package (NRXFVTAM) provides an environment for Rexx applications to communicate with an SNA network over the z/OS Communication Server (VTAM). It is part of a series of Net`Q Rexx function packages which complement each other. The other function packages are NRXFUNCS (which provides an interface to z/OS system functions), and NRXFMEM (a package to facilitate management of system memory for Rexx execs).

NRXFVTAM is written in Rexx and must be included in your Rexx application code when you wish to use these functions. In addition, you need the NRXFUNCS Rexx external function package which serves as an interface between a Rexx exec and the z/OS system.

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