SNA/APPN/APPC Network Connectivity Analysis

SNA/APPN/APPC Network Connectivity Analysis

  • Enhanced Passive SNA/APPN/APPC Analysis
  • IP Analysis / Mobile Connectivity
  • Network Penetration Testing


SNA/APPN/APPC based vulnerabilities are often undetected providing holes in securing the z/OS environment. Recent assessments have resulted in nearly 60% of high risk vulnerabilities being associated with SNA based weaknesses. While IP has become the main transport protocol, SNA remains the underlying application communication protocol for critical infrastructure systems, especially within the financial sector. It is the identification of network communication vulnerabilities, which provide insight into the ability to comprise the system from both inside and outside threats.


The SNA Analysis will identify vulnerabilities where security could be improved and identify potential exploits in the security environment with regards to the SNA/APPN/APPC environment. Net’Q uses a defined methodology in conjunction with its Net-Examine software to identify, analyze and quantify SNA/APPN/APPC Network Security Exposures. SNA based vulnerabilities are the silent risks that are often undetected. Results are correlated to known security violation cases and hacking methods. This unique capability is unmatched in assessing the SNA based environment which, while mostly embedded in IP for transport, remains the leading application communication protocol used for over 60% of global WAN traffic and nearly 90% of financial transactions.

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