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Net’Q provides an EE-APPN Security Compliancy Suite to protect critical information. The suite is composed of the following components:


  • Identify, analyze, and quantify network security exposure.

  • Correlate results with known violations and attacks.

  • Report on change made by the VTAM Security Generator.

  • Recommend security solutions.

Net-Examine serves …

  • Auditors.

  • Network security administrators.

Net-Examine runs on …

  • MVS, OS/390, z/OS, VM, and VSE systems.

  • SNA, APPN, and IP environments.

  • Enterprise Extender environments.

  • Mainframe security servers.

  • Windows-based workstations.

Net-Examine will analyze security risks in …

  • Session profiles in security logs and performance profiles.

  • VTAM definitions, VTAMLST, VTAM tables.

  • PARMLIB definitions.

  • TCP/IP definitions.

  • Sysplex definitions.

  • RACF, ACF2, and TSS resource definitions.

SNA/APPN-EE Firewall

Protects the mainframe SNA and APPN environment.  Protection is performed at the lowest negotiated session level providing real-time protection; continuous monitoring and reporting of intrusion attempts; and ensuring compliance with security rules and regulatory requirements.  Additional features provide automatic generation of security parameters and performance optimization of networks.

Sarbanes-Oxley/NIST/Corporate Compliancy

Net’Q Security suite includes compliancy modules providing validation checking of SNA definitions. These validations can be customized based on the customer’s needs.  Identifies potential security gaps and provides System generated validation reports.

When you purchase On-Going Protection Service, Net’Q will automatically renew your security protection software assuring your Mainframe from the latest risks. Net’Q does not leave you unprotected and vulnerable to ever-growing cyber threats. Net’Q ensures there is never an unprotected time gap through its automatic subscription renewal service. This service is offered at the regular subscription price.

The process is simple! Net’Q will notify you by email prior to expiration of your current subscription. If you do not notify Net’Q of your cancellation request, On-Going Protection will self-renew and you will be invoiced. Should you wish to discontinue the On-Going Protection Service, cancellation instruction can be found in your Order Confirmation email.

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